Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2016 Previews: Animation

Animation is once again proved popular with the selection committee and we’re delighted to be able to screen some very strong animated films this year. From Greece we have the moody and intricately designed sci-fi/fantasy animation by Christos Bourantas, AURELIA. The film follows a young girl drifting through a dark, empty city on a lonely journey during a worldwide jellyfish invasion.

THE CLOCKMAKER’S DREAM by Cashell Horgan, combines animation and live action with beautifully realized visual effects to create an alternative, steampunk Irish village that is both a tale from a mechanical world and an homage to George Melies.
The film won best animation at Cannes Animation Day and Best Animation FX at the Boston Sci Fi Film Festival.

from Clockmaker Set

Photos from Clockmaker Doll movie set

THE HOUR OF DREAMS by Rodrigo Orozco is a stunning Claymotion animation that creates a detailed and horrifyingly beautiful surreal world of dreamscapes. Leonor lives for her painting and through her art, she creates imaginary worlds. However, she is sick because she cannot create anymore. She awaits the hour of dreams, the hour where everything will be solved…

We’re also showing the detailed and beautifully-realised Scottish animated short LOCKBOX, directed by Pete Cotter & Glen Johnston was selected for the 2016 Encounters Film Festival. A charming and heart-rending animation with a thoroughly lovable central character.

LUNETTE by Phoebe Warries is a fantasy based short featuring the journey of a wolf, who travels with the moon.  An outstanding example of 2D animation and winner of the Best 2D Film at the 2016 Uhanimation Expose.


THE SONG OF WANDERING AENGUS is a beautiful and painstakingly animated film by Matthew Lawes, based on W.B.Yeat’s poem ‘The Song of Wandering Aengus. Narrated by BAFTA Award Winner Liam Cunningham with original music by Ivor Novello Award Winner David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia.

is an animated film on an origin myth from the Bhils, the largest indigenous community in Madhya Pradesh, India. The myth revolves around the origin of painting among the Bhils, while the beautifully drawn 2D animation and some strikingly original artwork combine to create a rich and nuanced adult folk tale.

A witty and intelligent self-referential animation, that follows the work of several radically different animators as they attempt to complete a joint project.The film uses a range of animation techniques as well as mockumentary styles in this funny and clever short.


Life is short so it’s just as well our films are too!

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