The Italian island of Sardinia has had a long history of invasion and conquest. Over the centuries the island has been fought over and invaded by the Vikings, the Normans, the Bourbons and would almost certainly have been eyed with acquisitive intent by young Napoleon, growing up on the nearby island of Corsica.

In June 2016, however, some new arrivals will shortly make landfall on this distant, rocky shore – as the ESFF prepares to send a programme of some of 2016’s best shorts to Sardinia for the Sardinia Film Festival! Hopefully with a bit less looting and pillaging than previous visitors! It’s an island where the ruins of mysterious bronze age forts lie scattered around the remote interior like giant children had abandoned dozens of Lego projects, and where the residents light bonfires and dress up as devils with their backs covered in sheep bells. A unique and timeless culture of shepherds and fisherman, an arcadia of artisans.

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Don’t worry though as we won’t be tainting their isolated idyll by exposing them to the corruption of modernism, as thanks to the Sardinia Film Festival, they’re already pretty knowledge about contemporary film. Our films will also be in good company as film-makers such as Antonioni – who filmed Red Desert, his first colour film – here, as well as the Taviani Brothers, who set ‘Padre Padrone’ on the island. Francis Ford Coppola came to Sardinia for his film ‘Black Stallion’ and the island also played host to a surprising number of exterior scenes in a host of Spaghetti Westerns.

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The Sardinia Film Festival launched in 2006 and is based in the North West of the island, close to Corsica and focusses on short films and on Independent European Film-making, awarding the SFF International Short Film Award each year. The SFF is an industry-recognized event and hosts everything from master-classes to debates and holds a film marketing archive room.

They are also very partial to holding outdoor screenings a la Cinema Paradiso by the looks of things, which is not surprising if you have a large volume of white walled churches and warm dry nights. So there could be a tempting bit of post-dinner film in the piazza, guaranteed to drag anyone away from the tedium of wall-to-wall football this summer!


We’ve been busy preparing a fascinating short film programme for Sardinia and we’re looking forward to introducing them to some outstanding shorts from last year’s programme! We’ve programmed an Italian short film we think we’d like to introduce to audiences in Sardinia, Alessandro Palazzi’s outstanding drama ‘GAS STATION’ which was popular with ESFF audiences last year.

We’re also taking US artist and film-maker, Damon Mohl’s student Academy-Award nominated short film ‘DUST MACHINE VARIATIONS’ an experimental film with elaborate sets and costume design, as well as some intricate modelling. We’re also pleased to screen Gokalp Gonen’s Oscar-nominated animation ‘GOLDEN SHOT’ which follows a robot who dreams of flying and Olly Williams ‘THE FLY’ a darkly ironic British comedy which premiered at London’s Raindance Film Festival last year.

The ESFF screenings at the Sardinia Film Festival will be on Monday June 27th.

The 11th Edition of the Sardinia Film Festival starts on Sunday 26 June and runs to Saturday 2 July 2016, there’s more information available on their social media:

Sardinia Film Festival


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