ESFF 2015 Rising Star Nominations

We’re delighted to be able to announce the nominations for the 2015 Rising Star Award, this is an exciting new award presented by the international film charity, the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund to the most promising film-maker at the 2015 ESFF.

The award consists of a physical award, £150 in cash as well as invitations to attend film festivals and the opportunity for paid employment at film productions in the UK.

The films and directors nominated for the award are:

90 Degrees North  –   Detsky Graffam  German Horror Suspense thriller, an ambitiously staged suspense-laden horror about a deadly traffic island!

He and She             –   Marco Gadge shades of Harold and Maude in an offbeat German road movie short.

A Wee Night In   –      Stuart Edwards Brilliant Scottish documentary about fun loving octagenarians!

The Aquarium      –    Jacobie Gray A powerful performance from a young actor who plays a young girl whose drug-dealing father leads her into dangerous waters.

Gas Station           –    Alessandro Palazzi A charming comedy that follows a couple of Muslim immigrants pumping gas at an Italian all night garage.

Bear Story         –       Antonia Herrera Beatujfully-rendered animation from Chile about a performing bear who loses his family and his home.

Golden Shot     –        Gökalp Gönen Amazing Pixar-style animation from Turkey, about a robot that dreams of flying.

Dark Net          –        Adam Woodhall Darkly funny comedy about a loser in love who hires a hitman with Johnny Vegas at his best!

Good Morning (Dzien Dobry)  –       Milena Dutkowska A surreal drama from Poland that follows a diverse group of people who arrive at a strange destination.

Beverley            –        Alexander Thomas In 1980s England, a young black girl fa;;s in with some skinheads with some unsavoury associates..

Contrapelo        –         Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer Searing, Scorsese-esque crime thriller about a Mexican barber who shaves a crime boss.

Transit Game   –         Anna Fahr Set in Northern Lebanon, a powerful drama follows a man who meets a pair of children with their own story of exile..

The winner of the award will be announced at our closing night ceremony on Sunday 22 November!

For more details about the award and the work of the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund see their website:

MMBF Website

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